The Bears Chainsaw Carving Goes Great Near Any Log House for Rustic Decor

The Bears Chainsaw Carving Goes Great Near Any Log House for Rustic Decor

True chainsaw craftsmen make exquisite works of 3-dimensional art come to life. The amount of time and energy that goes into each piece is absolutely amazing. In order to learn the craft, artists often go to a special school where they can learn all of the tricks of the trade and how to perform cuts in an exquisite manner in order to show all of the delicate details of their piece of work. Carving with chainsaws is not something that just anyone can do without some specialized training. The training is necessary because of the dangerous nature of cutting with chainsaws.

The average chainsaw sculpture starts with a large block of wood. Oftentimes it looks just like it was just cut off the tree trunk and can be from a variety of types of trees such at pine, ash, alder, palm, elm and redwood. Some artists even go to a person's yard and will create a work of art out of an old tree trunk that is still in place. Sculptors start their work with a chainsaw to create the basic shape and design of their artwork. Next, they switch to tools including smaller saws and chisels that can make more intricate designs and put all the detail work into the art.

Safety is the highest priority to craftsmen who use chainsaws. It is important to keep the sawdust out of the eyes, nose and mouth, so facial protection must always be worn. Earplugs should also be used so that prolonged use of the chainsaw does not affect one's hearing. Gloves are also important protective gear. Protect the feet with sturdy, steel-toed shoes.

Creating a work of art with a chainsaw and piece of wood is a great way to show one's personality and to create 3D art. The possibilities are endless when an artist starts working on a new piece. Many competitions and exhibitions have themes for the contestants to follow. The interpretation and creativity can lead the participants in many different directions.

Chainsaw art first was popular with the creation of totem poles, but today it has gone much further to include intricate designs of practically anything that can be imagined. Wherever there is an interest in this type of art, nearly any design can be created