These Cool Tiny Wagons Are Truly Mobile

These Cool Tiny Wagons Are Truly Mobile

Interest in tiny houses on wheels is spreading like wildfire. You have probably seen one of the shows on TV, noticed the posts on Facebook or Instagram, or even read an article or book about one or some of these sweet little homes on wheels. With the spotlight shining on tiny houses, many people ask the question if they would be able to do that and whether or not it would be a challenge or a freeing experience. Because people are so different and each person has varying perspectives, each person would have a different experience living in a tiny house. Not everyone would be able to or want to live in a tiny house, and like many other things, it’s just not for everybody. Just like some people like camping, and other people would rather spend a weekend in a hotel. Neither option is better or worse than the other, it just all boils down to personal preference and individual lifestyle goals. If you are someone who wants to build your own tiny house, or even if you are just interested in learning more, you might be curious about how much one of these would cost.

Tiny house cost, just like any building project depends on the tiny house design and the materials and finishings that will be used in the home. If a person is creating their own tiny house design and doesn’t mind implementing reused and repurposed materials, this can save them a lot of money in the long run. Doing it this way does require a bit more time, however. The time it takes to track down all of the necessary materials and accumulate them all adds up. So the overall tiny house cost could be quite low, but lots of extra work goes into going about it like this. You can actually end up saving a lot of money if you build your own tiny house rather than having it built for you. The cost of labor for professional carpenters can add up pretty quickly, and most companies selling their pre-assembled tiny houses charge at least $40,000 for a fully built tiny house on wheels. When you build your own tiny house, you are in control of the budget and can build more as you can afford to. There are tiny houses on wheels that only cost $8000 or even less to build. Keep in mind that these are the tiny houses that are mainly built from recycled materials. A tiny house built from partially recycled materials and new materials could cost anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000. Again, just like any building project, implementing high-quality finishes and appliances will, of course, drive up the price.

The key is to have a budget in mind from day one. So when you start planning your tiny house floor plan, make sure you have a budget price in mind that you won't go beyond. Get your finances in order and make sure you have the savings or credit to purchase all of the materials you'll need. Even if you do go into debt, think of it as an investment toward your future. This is a home that you'll own, rather than an apartment or house you are just paying rent for which is going toward someone else's investment. Many people start out with a tiny house and work their way up to a larger home over time; others may downsize into a smaller home in their later years to simplify life. Whatever the reason, tiny house living proves that you don't have to have a lot of space to live large.

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